Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters

Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters

At Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters, sustainability is an integral part of daily business. As part of Selecta, they recognize responsibility for the environment and local communities.

“Our goal is to make the most of the day, not only for the current generation but also for the many that follow.”

To achieve this goal, sustainability is divided into 4 strategic pillars.
The pillars are:

  1. Respect for our environment
  2. Our responsible products
  3. Support and contribute to the community
  4. A nice place to work

Reducing climate footprint

To reduce its footprint, Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters tries to find solutions that contribute to this, both internally and externally, where possible. This can be expressed in CO2-neutral coffee to energy management and innovations in the office and production.

Contribution to people and the environment

Thanks to our collaboration with Fairtrade, the link with FairClimateFund was quickly made. Furthermore, the projects from which we can purchase carbon credits really appeal to us. In this way we not only contribute to a better climate but also to the local well-being of coffee farmers.
Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters offsets CO2 emissions from farmer to product (the roasted and packaged coffee beans).

Sense of responsibility

Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters believes it is important to take responsibility in the chain, one part of which is reducing our CO2 emissions. This is done in various ways, one of which is CO2-neutral coffees. We provide support in the countries of origin and we also contribute to better living conditions and a better climate in those countries through these projects.

More informatiions: Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters

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