co₂ footprint

co₂ footprint

As a company, do you want to contribute to the climate objectives and reduce your greenhouse gases? Then you first need to know how many greenhouse gases you actually emit and where in the company this happens. A CO₂ footprint can help you with this. A company’s carbon footprint consists of all the greenhouse gases that the company emits in a year. There are various methods that can help you determine your CO₂ footprint and the associated scopes. The GreenHouse Gas-GHG Protocol is one of the most commonly used methods.

Measuring your CO₂ footprint

FairClimateFund helps you map the CO₂ footprint of your business operations, products and/or services. We have a lot of experience supporting companies in different sectors. We work with recognized partners such as CE Delft for extensive life cycle analyzes (LCA) of scope 3 emissions and tailor-made calculation tools.

In addition, FairClimateFund and its partners offer the following calculation tools to help companies calculate their CO₂ footprint:

CO₂ footprint coffee

Climate change has a major impact on coffee growing and the existence of many small-scale coffee farmers in developing countries is threatened. FairClimateFund is committed to making the coffee sector more sustainable and has developed a tool with partner CE Delft for calculating the CO₂ footprint of coffee products. We now count Peeze, Pelican Rouge and Compass Group as satisfied customers.

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CO₂ footprint of fruit and vegetables

CO₂ Correct offers an effective and affordable way to calculate the CO₂ footprint of a fresh produce product. This takes into account the country of origin (cradle) and where the product is ultimately shipped to (grave).

When the CO₂ Correct label is used by the fresh produce industry, it means that the CO₂ impact has been taken into account and investments have been made in FairClimateFund’s Fairtrade certified biogas project in India.

SME carbon footprint

With the online calculator on the FairClimateFund website, the CO₂ footprint calculator from our partner Klimaatplein or the Environmental Barometer from Stimular, we help SME companies gain insight into their CO₂ footprint.a This includes business operations, electricity consumption, logistics and employee transport. Through our partner Imset you will receive a discount on registering for the Environmental Barometer.

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CO₂ footprint international transport

Do you work in international freight transport and are you looking for a good solution for calculating the CO₂ emissions of your transport? FairClimateFund has various specialists when it comes to calculating the CO₂ emissions of global freight transport on land, at sea and in the air.

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CO₂ footprint website

Happy with your current website, but would you like to see how you can make it more sustainable? Our partner Zifera uses a new technique that allows them to make green adjustments to your current site, without having to access the source code. They also ensure that your website runs on a green network.

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