Advisory Board

A voluntary Advisory Board was established in 2018 to support our activities. The Advisory Board ensures continuity and contributes valuable knowledge and experience. The council members meet several times a year and efficiently contribute ideas, advise and deploy their network. They are approached for tactical and substantive issues, in addition to the ‘usual’ strategic ones. The FairClimateFund Advisory Board consists of the following members:

From left to right and in alphabetical order: Peter d’Angremond, Niels van Geenhuizen, Jelle de Jong and Birka Wicke.

Peter d’Angremond – President & CEO of the Max Havelaar Foundation

Peter d’Angremond has held various commercial positions in leading organizations. In the rapidly evolving consumer goods industry, Peter worked for Kraft and Sara Lee Household & Bodycare. Peter was country director Benelux at Disneyland Resort Paris and marketing director at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Since June 2009, Peter has been executive director of the Max Havelaar foundation (the basis behind the Fairtrade quality mark for sustainable production and fair trading standards). In this role, Peter is also Chairman of the Association of Labeling Initiatives (the 23 associations responsible for Fairtrade market development in their respective markets).

Niels van Geenhuizen – Sustainability Manager CSU, Tzorg, ZiZo

Niels is sustainability manager at Total Care. Total Care is a family business with three labels; CSU (cleaning), Tzorg (home care) and ZiZo (convenience services), all active at the top of their sector. After various sustainability roles at Arcadis (national and international), Niels switched to Total Care at the beginning of 2023 to boost sustainability there. He and his colleagues integrate sustainability into all agreements and services to customers. In addition, making Total Care’s own operations more sustainable is also an important part of its work. As a third line, Niels is committed to accelerating sustainability in the Netherlands by setting up all kinds of networks and ‘coalitions of the willing’. For example, Niels is one of the founders of Anders Reizen, Anders Huisvesten, Low Car Diet and has held various management positions in initiatives such as Paris Proof Commitment and Whole Life Carbon of the Dutch Green Building Council and Liaison Delegate at the World Business Council For Sustainable Development . Niels knows the Dutch, European and global themes of sustainability in companies well from his various sustainable roles.

Jelle de Jong – General World Wildlife Fund Netherlands (WWF – NL)

Jelle de Jong is general director of the World Wildlife Fund Netherlands. The World Wildlife Fund Netherlands is part of the global WWF network, which is active as a civil society organization in more than 100 countries and on 6 continents. Together they want to stop the loss of biodiversity and work towards a future in which people live in harmony with nature. In previous positions, Jelle was, among others, general director of IVN Institute for Nature Education and member of the board of Tempo-Team. He believes that sustainable results only arise when ‘soul and business’ are connected. He believes that sustainable results only arise when ‘soul and business’ are connected.

Birka Wicke – Professor of land use, climate and sustainability at Radboud University

Birka Wicke is professor of land use, climate and sustainability at Radboud University. She is also a guest researcher at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Faculty of Geosciences of Utrecht University. There she conducts research into sustainable pathways for agriculture and the biobased economy, with a focus on land use and land use change and their role in combating climate change. She received her PhD from Utrecht University on bio-energy production on degraded and marginal land. She works on several projects, such as the ACHIEVE, which assesses the integrity of voluntary climate action and identifies opportunities to strengthen and scale high-integrity voluntary climate action.