oeganda – schoon koken op biogas

oeganda – schoon koken op biogas

The use of biogas improves living conditions and helps limit the effects of climate change. Biogas is a clean and renewable cooking fuel. Bio-slurry produced by a biogas digester is an excellent fertilizer and can help families and provide additional income.

Africa is known for high rates of deaths from indoor air pollution caused by cooking with firewood or charcoal. Air pollution has been called the ‘silent killer’. This problem is serious in rural Uganda, where women spend an average of more than three hours a day in the kitchen cooking and cleaning pots and the area. Moreover, cooking with firewood contributes to deforestation.

Cooking with biogas is an ideal solution. Biogas is a clean and renewable cooking fuel. In Uganda, biogas is also used for lighting in areas without access to electricity. In addition, a biodigester also produces bio-slurry that is used to fertilize crops. Biogas is also a solution to combat methane emissions from cow and pig manure.

The Uganda Biogas Program is implemented by Biogas Solutions Uganda Ltd (BSUL). The program was started by Hivos, under the umbrella of the Africa Biogas Partnership Programme, a partnership between the Dutch government, Hivos and SNV. Hivos and SNV founded and strengthened BSUL. BSUL is now a strong organization for carrying out biogas projects. In 2021, Hivos also transferred the development and certification of carbon projects in East Africa to BSUL in collaboration with Africa Bioenergy Programs Ltd in Kenya. In 2022, FairClimateFund took over the sale of Gold Standard Carbon Credits generated from this project from Hivos.

Project detail






The total impact of the project


x thousand tons of CO₂ reduced


x thousand biogas plants installed


x thousand households use bio-slurry as manure

The project in detail

Biodigesters offer households with livestock a way to reduce their dependence on polluting firewood and expensive fossil fuels. Cooking with biogas is fast and smokeless. It improves the health of women and children in particular. Women no longer have to gather wood; cooking becomes easier and faster, preventing black soot deposits in the house.

Moreover, manure is very expensive in Uganda, while the leftover digestate from the biogas process is an excellent organic fertilizer. Using this bio-slurry improves soil health and recycles nutrients, helping farmers improve crop yields and making soil more resilient to climate change. By selling more vegetables and food crops, families also receive extra income

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04 Mar 2022
With the support of Hivos, the Biogas Consortium signed a cooperation agreement with us.