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O My Bag is a leather bag and accessories brand. The timeless products are designed in Amsterdam and manufactured in Kolkata, India. The company was founded in 2011 as a social enterprise with the aim of not only being profitable, but also giving back by doing business in an honest, environmentally friendly and responsible way. By doing business responsibly, O My Bag aims to make a positive difference in the world – one bag at a time.

Sustainability has been central to O My Bag since the very beginning. Like the company, its sustainability efforts have matured over time. A good example of this development is measuring and reducing CO2 emissions.


Knowing what impact is caused, why and where in the supply chain it occurs is the first step and a prerequisite for effectively reducing the impact. That’s why O My Bag worked with consultancy Sustainalize to measure the company’s carbon footprint.

A carbon footprint analysis has been carried out in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol, including Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. To assess the Scope 3 emissions of products, O My Bag conducted a life cycle assessment of its Luna and Lucy bags – two bestsellers that are representative of their entire collection. This allowed O My Bag to estimate the carbon footprint of its entire product portfolio, by extrapolating and capturing upstream Scope 3 emissions. In addition, business air miles, business miles in private cars and commuting were also taken into account.

Since the study was conducted as a cradle to gate analysis, downstream emissions, i.e. shipment to customers, use phase and end of life, were not taken into account due to the high uncertainty of the data. O My Bag plans to include these phases the next time the analysis is repeated.

Doelen staan vast!

The results of the carbon footprint analysis form the basis for both a quick-win and a long-term strategy aimed at improving the environmental performance of O My Bag’s operations and supply chain.

The most important effects are caused during transport to the Netherlands, in the raw material phase and in the component processing phase. That is why O My Bag’s reduction measures concern shipping, but also low-impact materials. The company has set several targets to reduce Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

Since O My Bag is a growing company, total emissions will increase, at least in the medium term. That’s why the company looks at carbon intensity and sets carbon emissions relative to annual revenues. The goal is to reduce carbon intensity over time, by at least 20% by 2022.

This overarching goal was broken down into the following specific goals:

  • VerzendingInkomende zeevrachten verhogen tot ten minste 20% tegen 2021De uitgaande emissies verminderen door emissiearme opties te onderzoeken, zoals elektrische voertuigen en efficiëntiemaatregelen.
  • Duurzame materialenVerlaag de voetafdruk per product met 10% tegen 2022, door de hoeveelheid gerecyclede en gecertificeerde componenten en grondstoffen te verhogen
  • Het energieverbruik op kantoor tegen 2022 met 15% verminderen
  • Zakelijke vluchten zijn tot een minimum beperkt

O My Bag will monitor its ecological footprint and reevaluate its reduction targets every two years. Reduction measures have already started. For example, the production and logistics departments are improving O My Bag’s forecasts to meet the new shipping targets and recycled cotton has been chosen to replace the current new GOTS cotton fabrics used for lining and dust bags of the O My Bag products .

Investeren in eerlijke klimaatprojecten

O My Bag has an ambitious CO₂ reduction plan to combat the worst consequences of climate change, but not all CO2 emissions can yet be avoided. Based on O My Bag’s strong bond with India and women’s empowerment, they decided to support the FairClimateFund project to provide households in India with cleaner cooking stoves and reduce CO2 emissions.

Photo’s: O My Bag

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