Kōkako produces Fairtrade organic coffee specialties in Auckland, New Zealand. Since their humble beginnings with a coffee cart in Aotea Square in 2001, they have grown significantly over the past 20 years and now supply coffee and hot chocolate to cafes, restaurants, retailers and businesses across New Zealand.

Sustainable coffee and reducing the carbon footprint

Kōkako believes quality is extremely important and they work with various cooperatives and traders to purchase sustainable coffee from Fairtrade organic farms around the world. All Kōkako coffee and drinking chocolate has been Fairtrade and BioGro Organic certified since 2009. Additionally, Kōkako always tries to find innovative and sustainable ways to package its ethical, responsible products, including certified Fairtrade Organic Coffee, drinking chocolate and Nitro Cold Brew.

Moreover, Kōkako now looks beyond just avoiding climate change! Kōkako is even looking at how they can prepare their supply chain to be resilient to the changes.

“While we have no control over how our suppliers run their businesses, we can choose to work with a sustainable coffee, cocoa and sugar supply chain that takes farmers into account and protects them from climate change. By empowering them to implement various climate-resilient initiatives, they thereby reduce their carbon footprint.”

In addition, Kōkako continues to influence the industry by raising awareness and encouraging other coffee roasters to think about ways they can participate in mitigating climate change.

The future

To reduce their CO2 emissions, Kōkako will focus on changing their current fleet from hybrid vehicles to purchasing their first electric vehicle in 2021, promoting regenerative organic products, reducing packaging by supplying coffee to local reusable bucket companies and increase their share of the NZ coffee market by encouraging consumers to buy FairClimateFund accredited coffee.

There is no plan B!

Since 2016, Kōkako has been working with FairClimateFund to offset the CO2 emissions of every kilo of coffee they roast. Kōkako chose to offset CO2 credits with FairClimateFund because:

“There is no plan B! We only have one Earth and we must work quickly to take care of it for future generations!”

Furthermore, Kōkako appreciates the fact that their offsets directly contribute to climate mitigation in Ethiopian communities where they already purchase coffee, strengthening the link with a circular economy

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