I am organic

I am organic

Organto, concept developer and distributor of fresh organic fruit and vegetables with more than 100 customers in 14 countries in Europe, launches the I AM Organic brand. A brand with a convincing transparent story.

Eat the world better – that is the positioning of I AM Organic. How does this brand make the world a better place? They do this by supplying fresh organic fruit and vegetables that can be traced back to the source. The products are purchased all year round, following the seasons. Preferably as close as possible, of course, but because not all products are available in the right quality in Europe all year round, I AM Organic works with growers and strategic partners worldwide to achieve the lowest possible CO₂ footprint. This is not only better for growers and consumers, but also for the climate.

“Eat the world better!”

Organic & honest is so delicious

All I AM Organic products are organically grown. Because healthy and nutritious fresh organic fruit and vegetables contribute to making the earth more sustainable. And that transition is very necessary. Organto works with local farmers and strategic partners to grow, transport, process and package products as sustainably as possible. But that is not everything

Just scan!

I AM Organic products have something unique! Each product has a product-specific QR code. That QR code leads to a completely unique product passport. That passport tells you exactly where the product comes from, why that region was chosen, how it was grown, what happened to it, for example washing and/or cutting, how it was transported, how it was packaged and it provides inspiration. you can do with it. In addition, it also helps you with how to best store and use the product to enjoy it for as long as possible and to prevent food waste. In the digital product passport, I AM Organic is completely transparent and tells the delicious, sustainable story of the tasty and healthy organic products. Through storytelling, the product gains added value and consumers are encouraged to choose I AM Organic’s organic products.

Teeny-tiny carbon footprint

I AM Organic cares about people and the environment. The most sustainable choices are made in the production chain to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Despite these conscious choices, production and distribution still leave a small CO₂ footprint. I AM Organic takes responsibility for that footprint and invests in Fairtrade certified climate projects that benefit people who are most vulnerable to the consequences of climate change.

The project

They do this with the FairClimateFund project Reforestation in Peru. In this project, farmers – who live in the upper catchment area (3000m) of the cultivation area in Piura – ensure reforestation with native tree species, which reduces erosion and improves water storage capacity, which benefits farmers downstream. benefits. The project also removes CO₂ from the air and creates more biodiversity. On average, the trees planted in the project remove 22 kilos of CO₂ from the air per year. They use CO₂​ to grow a little bit bigger. They convert this into biomass such as new branches and leaves and into oxygen, which in turn provides clean air. The project gives back to people and nature!

Why that project in particular?

“By planting native tree species, biodiversity is stimulated and CO2 is removed from the air. It also contributes to a more fertile soil. Fertile soil and biodiversity are good for growing vegetables and fruit. This reforestation project is Fairtrade certified and was set up jointly with two farmer organizations. Just like the I AM Organic brand, this project is sustainable and fair. So good for people and planet.” says marketing director Elke Schroevers

Became curious? See below how I AM Organic calculates its CO₂ footprint per product:

Want to know more about Organto and I AM Organic? Book the websites here:


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