Cape tracks

Cape tracks

Since June 2022, Cape Tracks has been working with FairClimateFund. They have been donating to several of our projects to strive to a better environment together.

About Cape Tracks

Cape Tracks is a travel organization from Wierden. The team is passionate about traveling and they would like to pass this passion on to others. They offer tailor-made tours to Northern Europe, the Arctic and Southern Africa to create a dream trip. At Cape Tracks, customers receive personal advice about the destinations, so that the trips are adapted to their own preferences. The team has gained years of experience and knowledge in the destinations. That’s why the personal travel guide is packed with tips and stories about unique sights.

“just follow our tracks!”

Sustainable tourism and the introduction of Fair Tracks

Cape Tracks is committed to sustainability to ensure its beautiful destinations are not affected by climate change. That is why they think it is important to take sustainable tourism into account. This means that visitors treat the local culture, residents, the environment and the local economy with respect. Cape Tracks is currently committed to sustainability by offering small-scale accommodations. This contributes to the local economy and prevents mass tourism. If possible, they offer trips that can be done by public transport. An example of this is the 16-day electric car tour in Norway. Cape Tracks has also recently developed a label called Fair Tracks. This label prints trips that are organized in a sustainable way.

Our collaboration

Now Cape Tracks is working with FairClimateFund to increase their contribution to a better environment. They have chosen which projects they want to support. At the moment, all donations go to our projects in Kenya and Peru. Kenya, because it is relatively close to their destination in Southern Africa. In addition, Cape Tracks values ​​nature conservation and is therefore happy to support the barberry forestation project in Peru. The plan is to donate several times a year based on the trips made. The first donation has already taken place

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