Fund Fair Climate action

Fund Fair Climate action

The richest 10 percent of the world are responsible for half of global CO₂ emissions, while the consequences of climate change mainly affect people in vulnerable regions. That’s not fair. An ambitious CO₂ reduction plan is necessary to combat the worst consequences of climate change, but sometimes CO₂ emissions cannot be avoided.

To take responsibility for these emissions, investing in fair climate projects is a good solution. These projects reduce CO₂ emissions elsewhere and have a positive impact on people most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. FairClimateFund has a wide range of social and sustainable climate projects. Our projects are certified according to the quality marks of the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), Plan Vivo, Gold Standard and/or the Fairtade Climate Standard, but are almost all organized based on Fairtrade principles. This means that local households are closely involved in the implementation of the project, all costs of the project are covered by the carbon income and the majority (> 70%) of this income goes to the project, of which local households receive a maximum share (> 50%).

Fairtrade certified climate projects

FairClimateFund wants to demonstrate that the CO₂ market can benefit people who are most vulnerable to the consequences of climate change in a fair and effective way. This means that we continuously strive for climate projects with the greatest social impact. A large number of our climate projects have already been certified by the best quality marks: Gold Standard and the Fairtrade Climate Standard. Furthermore, our projects contribute to various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Your own CO₂ reduction project

Want to set up your own climate project in a specific region or in the chain of a product? That is also possible. FairClimateFund organizes CO2 reduction projects for customers from A to Z: from project design to project registration, certification and monitoring in accordance with the conditions of the CDM (Clean Development Mechanism), Gold Standard and/or the Fairtrade Climate Standard. If necessary, we can also arrange mixed financing structures.

Are you curious about the possibilities for your own CO₂ reduction project?

Have your project certified

Do you have an idea for a CO₂ reduction project or have set up a CO₂ reduction project in a vulnerable area with a major social impact? Please contact one of our project developers. They assess whether your idea or project contributes to our mission and whether it can be certified according to the quality marks of VCS, Plan Vivo, Gold Standard and the Fairtrade Climate Standard. If necessary, we can also arrange mixed financing structures. Of course, Fairtrade principles are our standard!

Would you like to have your CO₂ reduction project certified through us?

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