Our approach

Together with our partners we finance and implement climate projects. We focus on cleaner cooking and reforestation projects. These climate projects reduce CO₂ emissions and deforestation and improve living conditions for people in developing countries.

Our projects are Gold Standard and/or Fairtrade certified. Compensation projects can meet different standards. The standards confirm the CO₂ reduction and in some cases the local sustainable contribution for people and the environment. In the voluntary offset market, the most used and well-known standards that a project can meet are the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Gold Standard. In addition, there is the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) standard that is used in both the voluntary and mandatory compensation markets.

View the table below for the differences between the various standards:

FairClimateFund offers companies and private individuals CO₂ credits that are certified by the highest international standards, namely the Gold Standard quality mark (established by the World Wildlife Fund, among others) and/or the Fairtrade Climate Standard. The Fairtrade Climate Standard is a relatively new standard developed by Fairtrade International and Gold Standard, in collaboration with FairClimateFund and is based on the following principles:

  • Fairtrade minimum price The end user pays a minimum price for the Fairtrade Carbon Credits. This minimum price covers all costs of the climate project.
  • Ownership Local households own the Fairtrade Carbon Credits and use them to pay off their stove.
  • Fairtrade premium A premium is paid on top of the minimum price. This premium is managed by the local cooperative and invested in climate adaptation activities.
  • Bottom-up capacity building Local communities initiate climate projects themselves, provide training and monitor and maintain cooking appliances.
  • Reduction of CO₂ emissions from end customers Customers of Fairtrade Carbon Credits have a CO₂ reduction plan.

Watch the video below for more information about Fairtrade Carbon Credits:
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