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NRC online store

Boat trip with CO₂ compensation

NRC organizes a twelve-day boat trip and offers travelers the opportunity to offset the CO₂ emissions of this trip.

The journey

The ship sails exclusively for NRC and has a sailing route through 4 different countries. This trip is The Night of NRC and The Correspondent Evening in one and more than that. Every day the newspaper of the day is discussed, the news is explained and the considerations for publication are shared with fellow travelers. Because this journey also requires intermediate flights and other modes of transport, NRC believes it is important that responsibility is taken for the CO₂ emissions that are released.

Offsetting the carbon footprint

When booking the trip, travelers can compensate their entire trip for €87 per person. Flights, boat trips, transport for excursions, meals and any extra days in the pre- and post-programme are included.

The CO₂ compensation has been achieved with the help of our biogas project in India. In this project, households make the switch from cooking on an open fire to using biogas.

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