3 on a trip

3 on a trip

“We believe that seeing the world broadens your horizons, and that you can make sustainable choices even within the craziness of the travel industry”

With the new season, the program has taken a new, more sustainable path and maps the CO₂ footprint of the program.

Why Travel?

3 op Reis believes that seeing the world broadens your horizons and that traveling is beautiful and precious. Traveling brings people in the world closer together. Traveling creates more tolerance and understanding. Traveling ensures that you see not only the rest of the world, but also your own familiar world through different eyes. In addition, our planet is of course breathtakingly beautiful.
People will always continue to travel, that is the nature of the beast. Also by plane, you can’t stop that and we don’t want that at all. But as a traveler you can make conscious choices. Because every choice you make has a direct impact on your environment and the people who live there.
A first choice that you can make right away is to offset your CO₂ travel.

How do you calculate the CO2 emissions of the program?

That is a hell of a job, because we want to include not only our flights in the compensation, but also the cars we drive, the boats we sail on, and the hotels we sleep in. Sometimes the crew sleeps in a homestay, other times in a large hotel near an airport (we always try to choose as green a choice as possible!) On one trip the crew drives around in a van, on the other in a 4×4.
That is why we keep track of where we sleep, where we drive, how many kilometers we travel, and which flights we take, to get the most complete picture possible. The crew in the office is also taken into account: who drives the car to Hilversum and how many kilometers are driven?
This allows us to see what CO₂ we have emitted this season.
We strive to travel more sustainably, and hopefully have fewer emissions the following season.

For more information: 3 op Reis CO2-neutral travel

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