NL Energy Compact

NL Energy Compact

News item
05 Oct 2021

The United Nations has offered the Netherlands the unique opportunity to take a leading position in accelerating SDG 7: Affordable and clean energy for all. The NL Energy Compact this has been achieved!

The NL Energy Compact is a collaboration between more than 25 organizations, knowledge institutes and NGOs. With the aim of providing everyone with affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy. By 2030, the organizations plan to provide sustainable energy to 100 million people and cleaner cooking options to 45 million people.

And that is desperately needed. Currently, 800 million people worldwide do not have access to electricity and 2.6 billion people still cook on polluting stoves. This results in 4 million deaths due to polluting gases indoors.

At FairClimateFund we believe in a fair world. Where everyone has access to energy and clean cooking options. That is why FairClimateFund is joining the NL Energy Compact!

How does FairClimateFund contribute to this?

  • FairClimateFund aims to provide access to clean cooking for 900,000 people in low-income households in fragile communities and countries using climate financing.
  • Together with partners from the private sector, we invest in climate projects that reduce 2,000,000 tons of CO2 in low-income communities and improve the living conditions of these communities (SDG 3, 5, 7).
  • We will work for a fair and inclusive voluntary CO2 market where households that generate the CO2 reduction receive a fair share of the income from CO2 credits, in a transparent manner.