FairClimateFund has a world first with Fairtrade Carbon Credits

FairClimateFund has a world first with Fairtrade Carbon Credits

News item
01 Dec 2017

With the certification of FairClimateFund’s Indian Clean Cookstoves project according to the Fairtrade Climate Standard, FairClimateFund is the first party in the world to market Fairtrade Carbon Credits.

Climate projects that comply with the Fairtrade Climate Standard distinguish themselves mainly by offering better social and economic conditions to the local communities that generate the carbon credits, including a Fairtrade minimum price, an additional Fairtrade premium and ownership of the carbon credits. This new standard was developed by Fairtrade International and Gold Standard.

Clean Cookstove project by FairClimateFund in India
The Clean Cookstove project in the Raichur district in India was set up by FairClimateFund in collaboration with JSMBT, a local organization in which more than 7,000 women are represented. The project has now provided clean wood-fired ovens, called Chulikas, to more than 18,000 households and is Fairtrade certified.

Since the start of the project in 2012, climate finance has sparked a movement that has strengthened the position of women and the entire community. The Chulikas have a direct positive effect on households by saving time, preventing deforestation and causing much less smoke indoors. In addition, an extensive program has been set up to strengthen local communities; from climate change education and training, to hygiene and health programs and even the creation of vegetable gardens and seed banks.