A backpack full

A backpack full

News item
24 May 2022

Colleagues Robert and Gert visited the Bachat cookstove project in India. Robert tells you about his first trip to one of our projects. A backpack full of new energy, experiences and, above all, gratitude!

“Together with cookstove manufacturer Greenway Appliances and Care India, we visited several villages in the Palghar region (north of Mumbai), in Kalahandi and Kandhamal (Odisha, in the east of India).


I was very impressed by the reception in the villages and the strength of the women and men to take care of each other and the household every day. In addition, I was able to see how big the difference is in cooking in the traditional way compared to cooking with the improved cookstoves during the clean cooking camps. Here the cookstoves were demonstrated to the residents of the village as you see in the photo here. On the left there is cooking on a cookstove, on the right the traditional way of cooking.

The women from the village told us that the smoke produced by traditional cooking causes health problems such as headaches, breathing problems and nausea. I also heard about skin irritation, burns on the skin and pain in the back and legs. Fortunately, these problems decrease with the use of the improved cookstoves. In addition, wood use is reduced by two-thirds, cooking is faster and smoke formation in the home is drastically reduced. By using the new way of cooking, there is more time to take care of the children and generate extra income through farming and selling crops.


By talking to the very friendly and hospitable villagers, you will experience how important it is to continue our work at FairClimateFund. There are still many families to reach and this visit to India strengthens us to continue investing in cleaner cooking solutions together with companies.”

Robert Okhuysen