Proud of our new ambassador

Proud of our new ambassador

News item
31 Mar 2021

Travel or protect climate and nature. A devilish dilemma as long as travel cannot be 100 percent sustainable, says Nienke de la Rive Box. The presenter of 3 op Reis therefore hopes to bring both worlds closer together by traveling more sustainably and promoting sustainable tourism. FairClimateFund contributes to this.


She was very happy when the editors of 3 op Reis decided two years ago to take a new sustainable path. ‘I love going out, going into nature and making TV. But at the same time I also felt guilty when I started at 3 op Reis 5.5 years ago. I immediately stopped eating meat. You encourage people to take the plane, one of the most polluting ways of travel. Fortunately, with the new sustainable course we have taken, we are now trying to inspire people to travel more sustainably.’

How do they do that? For example, by traveling closer to home.

Nienke: ‘Even before corona, we decided to spend part of the airtime on traveling close to home. It was always a challenge to make exciting television, but it always worked. Due to corona, we were forced to do this even more and we decided: we can make beautiful television close to home.’ For example, she took a winter sailing trip across the Wadden Sea. ‘Winter sailing gave me a kind of winter sports feeling. You are outside all day and in the evening you sit nice and rosy in your cabin. But this winter sport is a lot less polluting.’

In addition to traveling closer to home, 3 op Reis also encourages people to travel more consciously. ‘We try to travel more by train or with electric means of transport, we do not use plastic water bottles and we eat as much vegetarian food as possible.’ The editors also avoid tourist hotspots to better spread tourism. Of course, it is sometimes not possible to travel sustainably: ‘Sometimes, for example, we cannot travel in electric cars, simply because there are no charging stations.’

Any emissions that the program cannot prevent will be double compensated. The editors at FairClimateFund compensate for a large part of this. Nienke: ‘We chose FairClimateFund because they compensate in a way that not only helps the climate, but also the people on whom climate change has the most impact.’ The cookstove projects in particular inspired the presenter. ‘With these projects you not only ensure that CO2 is removed from the air, but you also improve the health of women. Moreover, it also gives women more time for other important things in life.’

3 op Reis chooses to double offset its emissions with FairClimateFund and Justdiggit.