Climate facts


You emit 1 ton of CO 2 when you…

Refuel your diesel car 5 times

Travels 40,000 km internationally by train

Fly to Nairobi once

flies a little further than Paramaribo

eat 2 hamburgers every day for 1 year

Sleeps in a hotel for 60 nights


You save 1 ton of CO 2 when you…

9 solar panels work for you for 1 year

Let 1 family in a developing country cook on an efficient cookstove for 1 year

2 trees grow for 25 years


You can save … kilos of CO2 by…

110 kilos of CO2 per year by working from home 1 day a week.

300 kilos of CO2 per person per year by buying all your clothes second-hand.

600 kilos of CO2 per year by insulating the floor of your house.

1,000 kilos of CO2 per year by placing 10 solar panels on your roof.

4,000 kilos of CO2 per year by traveling to work by train 5 days a week instead of by car (Amsterdam – Utrecht).


1/3 of the world’s population cooks on an open fire…

A third of the world’s population still cooks on an open wood fire every day, usually indoors. The smoke released is very harmful to health. Worldwide, almost four million people die every year, mainly from lung diseases; that is more than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.


1 cleaner cookstove saves an average of 2 tons of CO2 per year…

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1 biogas installation saves an average of 5.5 tons of CO 2 per year…

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