Windmill tournament

Windmill tournament

The first climate-neutral Ultimate Frisbee tournament worldwide

Every year the largest Ultimate Frisbee tournament takes place in Amsterdam. There are 80 teams participating, selected from all over the world. In addition to being the largest, they also want to be the most sustainable tournament. Every year the organization does as much as possible to be sustainable. In addition to minimal plastic use by allowing players to eat Frisbees, vegetarian and local food and recycling, Windmill also looks at its CO₂ emissions

The biggest negative impact at Windmill is in CO₂ emissions because participants travel to Windmill from far and wide. From California to New Zealand and from Singapore to Venezuela, 1,600 players from 36 countries around the world appear in Amsterdam every year. On average, this amounts to around 500 kg of CO₂ emissions per participant during their journey to the tournament.

Climate neutral

Together with Windmill, we calculated the impact in terms of tonnes of CO₂ produced. By investing in our projects aimed at reducing CO₂ emissions, Windmill strives to be completely climate neutral.

Climate sponsor

This climate neutrality is partly sponsored by Meelunie B.V. De Meelunie B.V. is an Amsterdam-based company that not only shares the brand name ‘Windmill’, but considers sustainability just as important.

Also read the press release: Windmill is climate neutral
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