Working towards are fair climate since 2009

Politics can continue to debate indecisively about the changing climate for many years to come. Fortunately, the business community does not have to wait until measures have been regulated by law. Companies have complete freedom to take action themselves. Secrid started doing this early on.

Secrid is a manufacturer of wallets. In 2009, Secrid launched the Card Protector with the vision to make people look differently at the contents of their pocket. Now, more than ten years later, Secrid wallets are a must-have and available in more than 70 countries worldwide. Secrid products are designed with a long lifespan in mind. In addition, the products are produced efficiently, locally and with the help of sheltered workshops.

Because the production of leather has the greatest impact on the environment and nature, Secrid
to alternatives. At the same time, Secrid also knows that leather is an essential material to guarantee the longest possible lifespan of their product. That is what sustainability should primarily be about. That is why the company now mainly focuses on improving leather production and reducing waste in order to reduce the impact on the environment and nature. Aluminum also has a large share in the environmental impact of the production process. Secrid therefore tries to motivate its designers to actively think about upcycling. This means that rejected aluminum profiles no longer end up in the waste. By continually looking for ways to eliminate waste production, they are working towards a Zero Waste Supply Chain. This approach limits CO2 emissions throughout the entire life cycle of Secrid’s products.

Secrid’s remaining CO₂ emissions have been calculated by EcoChain. The outcome is that the costs for full compensation of its CO₂ production, including the production and distribution chain, are equivalent to just under 0.2% of turnover. Secrid sees this as part of the production costs. Just as they are willing to pay extra for clean leather from the Netherlands, where environmental standards are stricter than in cheaper Asia.

Secrid aims to reduce CO2 emissions to such an extent that they will have to offset a maximum of 25% in 2030 compared to the baseline in 2019. The compensation is done in collaboration with the FairClimateFund. Together we invest in forestry in Peru. A great project, where the effects go beyond capturing CO₂. This forestry has the side effect of stopping erosion on the mountain slopes and positively influencing the local climate. This is beneficial for local coffee farmers and for the local economy as a whole.

Secrid does this retroactively, from its start in 2009. Secrid hopes that as many companies as possible will follow their lead, so that they can work together to create a better world. For the coming years, the company has decided: we not only want to be CO2 neutral, but also CO2 positive. So, compensate more than we emit.

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