Help refugees in sweltering hot Chad!

Refugee crisis in Chad

Chad is one of the poorest countries in the world and is currently experiencing the world’s largest refugee crisis. The majority of the refugees come from neighboring Sudan, which has been ravaged by a civil war. More than 1.8 million refugees now live in 13 different camps in Chad. FairClimateFund is active in two of these camps and is seeking investments to expand project activities for the growing number of refugees.

"We see many problems in the camps in terms of environment and energy. Desertification, climate change and a lack of regulations make it difficult to protect natural resources such as trees. And collecting firewood is difficult due to the large distances (up to 80 km). Solutions such as solar cookers offer refugees access to sustainable energy and lead to a peaceful life with the local population."

Summarized facts

The invisible disaster in Chad

According to current data from UNHCR, as many as 1 million refugees have arrived in Chad in one year: the largest refugee crisis in the world. The refugees stay in camps that consist of 85% women and children. Cooking over an open fire is one of the many challenges families face.

In addition, Chad is one of the most vulnerable countries to the consequences of climate change and suffers from extreme drought and scorching temperatures. Due to the drought, women and children have to travel long distances to collect wood for cooking.

Refugees Chad - Update 31 may 2024
Number of refugees in Chad, update May 31, 2024 - source UNHCR

What does FairClimateFund do: clean and safe cooking

The refugee camps are located in a very dry region where little wood is available. This causes conflicts between the local population and refugees who need the scarce wood for cooking. Women and children have to travel long distances to collect wood and are regularly harassed, assaulted, kidnapped or, in the worst case, never return at all.

FairClimateFund has been supporting a project in the Iridimi and Touloum camps since 2019, which helps families with the purchase of a CooKit solar cooker. The CooKit converts solar energy into heat that is used for cooking.

Vluchtelingencrisis in Tsjaad - Solar Cooker
Woman in one of the refugee camps with the CooKit Solar Cooker

How can you help?

With our current project we have already distributed 9,000 solar cookers. With the increasing number of refugees in the camps, we want to scale up our clean and safe way of cooking. With a solar cooker, women no longer have to leave the camp to look for wood, the scarce number of trees is preserved and CO2 emissions are saved because no wood has to be burned for cooking.

FairClimateFund has set the goal of helping 10,000 additional families. We need your help with this!


€25 = 1 family a solar cooker for 5 years

€100 = 4 families a solar cooker for 5 years

€250 = 10 families a solar cooker for 5 years