India - Clean cooking with biogas

India - Clean cooking with biogas

In FairClimateFund's biogas project, households in rural India gain access to a 100% sustainable and clean way of cooking. Cooking with biogas is better for health, the climate and the environment and saves households time and money.

In India, a large part of the rural population (800 million people) still cooks on an open fire. Burning biomass makes a significant contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation and air pollution. But cooking on an open fire not only has negative effects on the climate, but also on people’s health. More than a million people die in India every year from inhaling harmful smoke emitted from cooking.

Since 2009, FairClimateFund has been working with its local partner ADATS to provide 12,000 farming families in the Chickballapur district in the province of Karnataka with biogas plants. Organic waste (mainly cow dung) is converted into methane gas for cooking in an underground brick biodigester. To provide an average household with enough gas for cooking every day, approximately 2 cows are needed. This clean way of cooking replaces the traditional way of cooking on an open fire.

Project detail






The total impact of the project


x thousand tons of CO₂ reduced


x thousand biogas plants in use


x 1 million kilos of wood (=436,000 trees) saved

The project in detail

When cooking with biogas there is no smoke development, such as when cooking on an open fire. This means health benefits for the entire family, especially women and children. In addition, women no longer have to fetch wood, cooking is easier and faster and it prevents black soot deposits in the house. On average, women save eight hours per week by using biogas. This time can be spent on family, household or economic activities.

Moreover, the bioslurry is a very good and free alternative to fertilizer. Various studies show that bioslurry has a very positive effect on agricultural productivity.

Stories from the field

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Stories from the field

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01 Jul 2019
Our colleagues are in India and travel to Bagepalli where the campus of partner ADATS is located.
11 Apr 2018
Fund Manager Gert Crielaard visited our biogas project in Bandopalli, India.