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ethiopia - cookstoves for coffee farmers

The coffee sector in Ethiopia is threatened by deforestation and climate change. Coffee is extremely sensitive to rising temperatures. A rise of one degree already results in a loss of quality of the coffee beans, two degrees means a loss of productivity.

The Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union/OCFCU is the Ethiopian partner in this program that is also part of the Fairtrade Carbon Partnership (FCP). In this project, 40,000 cleaner cookstoves are distributed, reducing wood consumption and CO2 emissions by 40%.

The total impact of the project


co2 reduction

X thousand tonnes of CO2 reduced



X thousand more efficient cookstoves installed



X 1 million kilos wood (=50,000 trees) saved

The project in detail

In this project FairClimateFund works together with Fairtrade Netherlands or Max Havelaar, in the Fairtrade Carbon Partnership (FCP). The aim is to distribute 40,000 cleaner cookstoves to 20,000 households. Each household uses two cookstoves: one stove (Tikikil) for general use and one (Mirt) to bake the Injera, a flat round bread made of teff flour. In addition to the reduction of wood use and CO₂ emissions, there is less smoke in the house and women have a time gain of up to 30 minutes in the preparation of a meal. The coffee farmers pay for the stove partly in cash and partly with the CO₂ credits that the use yields.

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