our impact


co2 reduction

X thousand tonnes of CO2 reduced



X thousand improved cookstoves for 256,000 people



X million kilos of wood (=730,000 trees) saved

FairClimateFund 10 years and our Annual Report 2018

Above you can see the total impact of FairClimateFund over the past ten years. Do you want to see all our results, click here.

The activities and results of 2018 can be found here. In 2018 we reached around 250,000 people and saved nearly 40 million kilos of CO₂ and wood. That's almost 100,000 trees!


Annual Report 2018: at a glance

Want just a quick overview of our results in 2018? Please download the Annual Report 2018: at a glance here.


Even more transparancy

FairClimateFund plans to define a larger set of indicators for standardized outcome quantification. This process is supported by an independent research to develop a theoretical grounding. See this working paper for preliminary results.

Our clients

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