Six times as many cookstoves for Burkina Faso

Project Story – 26 October 2020
15,827 cookstoves were built with economic and social benefits for 22,844 people.
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Project Story – 20 December 2019
Making my stews is now much better and faster work.
Story Narsamma

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Project Story – 10 April 2018
Rich people use gas for cooking and since I use biogas, I feel rich too. Before, I would leave at…
Story Bharati India

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Project Story – 15 March 2018
Since I use the Chulika, I cough much less, do not have headaches anymore and I suffer less from my…
Story Mulane

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Project Story – 01 January 2018
The new cookstoves have many advantages. Two trips of foraging wood lasts us for two weeks. This…
Story Bassama

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Project Story – 01 January 2017
I have to collect firewood which is spread out. That is difficult for me, because I have to go far…
Story Dinah

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Project Story – 01 January 2017
Dinah Nkosi is an enthusiastic user of the new heating method Basa Magogo. Dinah notes: “It’s inc…
Story Josephine

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Project Story – 01 January 2017
Josephine Mathobela has been living in Kwazamokuhle for twenty years now. Since the death of her…
Story Lakshmi India

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Project Story – 01 January 2017
I really wanted a Chulika cookstove, because I had heard that you need much less firewood and that…
Story Mangamma

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Project Story – 01 January 2017
I am a mason for over 10 years and I learned constructing from my husband, who learned the craft…
Story Nalene

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Project Story – 01 January 2017
In addition to her duties in the family, Nalene has her own sewing machine for the past six months,…
Story Rosina

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Project Story – 01 January 2017
Rosina Thabethe lives with her daughter and her family in Sakhile. On the unpaved road there is a…