First Fairtrade climate neutral investor in the Netherlands

News – 03 June 2018
Oikocredit, together with FairClimateFund, is investing in biogas for farmers in India.
Office Arcadis

Arcadis wants to be a leader in the field of sustainability

Blog – 23 May 2018
"We want to emit 40% less CO2 per FTE in 2020 compared to 2010"
Filling biogas dome

Cow dung, cooking and karma

Blog – 11 April 2018
Fund Manager Gert Crielaard visited our biogas project in Bandopalli, India.
Woman cooks on cookstove in India

Everything is connected

Blog – 10 April 2018
Our colleague Gert Crielaard visited our cookstove project in India.
Story Narsamma

Meet Narsamma

Project Story – 10 April 2018
Rich people use gas for cooking and since I use biogas, I feel rich too. Before, I would leave at…
Story Bharati India

Meet Bharati

Project Story – 15 March 2018
Since I use the Chulika, I cough much less, do not have headaches anymore and I suffer less from my…
Postcode Lottery

Nearly 3 million euros from Postcode Lottery

News – 19 February 2018
The Birds, Bees & Business project received an amount of 2,834,000 euros.
Coffee farmer in Ethiopia

A year of turbulence for coffee farmers in Ethiopia

Blog – 02 January 2018
In 2017 considerable investments were made in training on using efficient cookstoves.
Story Mulane

Meet Mulane

Project Story – 01 January 2018
The new cookstoves have many advantages. Two trips of foraging wood lasts us for two weeks. This…
Banner Climate Conference COP23

We need to raise our sights to tackle climate change

Blog – 11 December 2017
BULA! The Fijian word for "welcome" at the 23rd UN Climate Summit.
Logo Fairtrade Carbon Credits

FairClimateFund has world premiere with Fairtrade Carbon Credits

News – 01 December 2017
FairClimateFund is the first organisation worldwide to bring Fairtrade Carbon Credits to the market.
Story Bassama

Meet Bassama

Project Story – 01 January 2017
I have to collect firewood which is spread out. That is difficult for me, because I have to go far…