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News – 19 February 2018

Good news for FairClimateFund. The Dutch Postcode Lottery has spread no less than € 357 million over 112 organizations working on a better world. The Birds, Bees & Business project – an initiative of ICCO, the Dutch Partner of BirdLife International and FairClimateFund – receives an amount of 2,834,000 euros.

The money for this project is invested in a sustainable landscape in Burkina Faso, benefiting both people and nature. With a special approach, which combines nature restoration with economic development, the local population can build up a sustainable income, biodiversity is allowed to recover and an environment is created where migratory birds find a resting place with sufficient food in the winter. The key for this is the shea nut. More information about this special project can be found on our site soon.

Leonardo DiCaprio expresses climate concerns
Actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio addressed the present at the annual “Goed Geld Gala” of the Lottery on behalf of his foundation, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF). In his speech he expressed his concern about the irreversible effects that greed and indifference have on our planet. This realization led to the start of his foundation, with which he wants to work on a solution to turn the tide and to get as many people as possible in motion. DiCaprio: “If we have more innovators like the Postcode Lottery, who provide a lot of money with which we can make a real, tangible difference, then we have a chance that we can turn the tide and protect this beautiful planet.”

Record amount for charities
Thanks to the 2.9 million participants, the proceeds of the Postcode Lottery grew to more than 715 million euros in the past year. Because the lottery donates half of the proceeds to good causes, this contribution also grew, with almost 16 million euros. The more than 357 million euros that the Postcode Lottery donates to charities this year is divided among 112 organizations. In all, the lottery has donated more than 5.4 billion euros to charities since 1989.

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