This way you make an honest and sustainable journey

This way you make an honest and sustainable journey

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05 Aug 2021

We can make further and further journeys to discover the world. However, traveling is not without its consequences for the climate. “One return trip to Bali has as much climate impact per person as four years of driving a car,” says Babette Porcelijn (initiator of ‘Think Big Act Now’ and author of the book The Hidden Impact, about eco-neutral living).

So that you can go out this summer, we would like to tell you how it can be done. Sustainable travel is not as difficult as it may seem. And we don’t just do that. Our new colleague Robert Okhuysen has acquired a lot of knowledge about sustainable tourism and travel during his career. He is therefore happy to tell you how you can best make a more sustainable trip.

Graphic: The hidden impact, everything for an eco-positive life – by Babette Porcelijn


“For me, sustainable travel means that you make conscious choices, treat nature and the local population with respect, and take the environment into account.”

Start from home
Sustainable travel starts from home. When choosing a destination. Choose a destination that focuses on sustainability. For example, where is green energy used and water consumption properly regulated? Various destinations offer (certified) sustainable accommodations. These are accommodations where extra attention is paid to sustainability while maintaining comfort and quality.
You can make not only your destination more sustainable, but also your activities. Walking, cycling, camping and therefore choosing a sustainable destination are the main means of completing your trip. This keeps your CO2 emissions as low as possible during the trip.

Give back to the locals
But sustainability goes much further than that. During a trip you use the facilities of a country. Therefore, try to give back to the local population. Support the local population by, for example, buying local products and supporting local initiatives, the proceeds of which go back into the community. By doing so you help preserve these beautiful places.

Avoid litter
Nature is so incredibly vulnerable. Therefore, avoid littering during your trip. Always take your rubbish with you and don’t leave any rubbish where you have been. Just like at home, right?

Sustainable travel
It’s always a good idea to stay as close to home as possible to keep your carbon footprint as small as possible. If you travel further, preferably choose the train, especially within Europe. And if you choose to travel by plane, fly directly to your desired destination. When you make a stopover, this results in more CO2 emissions.

Finally, you can opt for fair CO2 compensation for your remaining CO2 emissions from your flight, for example. You will find more information about this on our website:

A fair climate starts with you!

Learn more about your hidden impact:

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