The carbon footprint of the shea value chain

The carbon footprint of the shea value chain

News item
26 Oct 2020

Shea butter is a 100% natural vegetable butter
which is extracted from the
nuts from the Shea tree, too
also called Shea Tree.

The “Birds, Bees & Business” project by FairClimateFund, Cordaid and the Bird Protection Society is working hard to protect this special tree species and a more sustainable production of shea butter in the south of Burkina Faso. To determine the precise climate impact of shea butter production, the Olvea Group (the world’s largest producer of vegetable oil) asked the Impact Institute to provide insight into the CO2 footprint of shea butter.

In the report below, the Impact Institute presents the results of the assessment of the carbon footprint of Olvea’s shea butter value chain in Burkina Faso. These results were then linked to other relevant studies on traditional and industrial production processes. Finally, the most important points for reducing the contribution to climate change are highlighted.

Report: The Carbon Footprint of Shea Butter