Six times as many cookstoves for Burkina Faso

Six times as many cookstoves for Burkina Faso

Project story
23 Oct 2020

Together with Vogelbescherming and Cordaid, we are working on a rich landscape for people and nature in the south of Burkina Faso.

This year we launched a new project “Birds, Bees & Business” in Burkina Faso. We plant new trees, protect existing trees from logging, stimulate biodiversity and promote sustainable entrepreneurship. The result: more food for people and birds, more insects, nut cultivation (shea nuts) and agricultural yields.

The project partner

Tiipaalga is responsible for the installation of improved cookstoves made of clay in various sizes to meet all cooking needs. The Tiipaalga team consists of 7 facilitators and a project manager. After the formation of this team in February this year, Tiipaalga started informing and sensitizing the local communities in the south of Burkina Faso, Po and Tiébélé.


47 general assemblies were organized in villages to explain the project to 4,753 people. By making these meetings as interactive as possible, 1,537 women could be designated as so-called monetrices endogènes. These women are trained in producing and maintaining the cookstoves and in return they receive a micro loan with which they can set up activities to support themselves. Initially, 2,500 improved cookstoves will be installed that will reduce wood consumption by 23.4%. But as of May 31, 2020, a total of 6,545 households in 47 villages were registered with a total of 7,215 female cookstove users. On the same date, 15,827 cookstoves were built with economic and social benefits for 22,844 people.