Cycling 4 Climate: A cycle ride along the approaching coastline

Cycling 4 Climate: A cycle ride along the approaching coastline

22 May 2023

On June 19, Cycling 4 Climate is organizing the Climate Classic, a cycling tour for the climate along the coastline that occurs in the Netherlands when sea levels rise too far.

A quarter of our country is below sea level and therefore we are sensitive to flooding as a result of climate change. With the bike ride, Cycling 4 Climate wants to show that much can be achieved to improve the climate with cooperation, speed and perseverance. The complete coastline route from Goes to Groningen is 375 km, but there are also options for 250 km and 125 km. Colleagues Katinka Schreuder and Marcel Spaas will participate in this bike tour. Join us and draw attention to the climate with us.


In addition to cycling, you can also make a positive impact by making a climate pledge, a personal action to improve the climate. This can be done by reducing CO₂ emissions or by committed to the climate. Via the Cycling 4 Climate website you can prevent CO₂ emissions by contributing to our biogas project in India!

This project prevents CO₂ emissions caused by traditional cooking methods. The use of biogas allows smokeless cooking, which benefits both the environment and the health of women and children.

So let’s cycle together for a better and sustainable future. By participating in the Climate Classic and making a climate pledge or contributing to the biogas project in India, we can all do our part to improve the climate.