Cordaid and ICCO will merge into one organization

Cordaid and ICCO will merge into one organization

News item
06 Jan 2021

Cordaid and ICCO, two of them
the biggest players in the
aid and development sectors, merge into one organization
as of January 1, 2021. A
integration of this magnitude
has not occurred before
occurred in the Dutch
development sector.

The organizations merge their networks, knowledge and infrastructure to increase the impact of their work in developing countries. The new organization will continue under the name Cordaid, with one head office in The Hague.

Cordaid and ICCO have a similar background and find each other in shared values ​​and Christian inspiration. Both organizations have a shared mission: a world in which people have the opportunity to escape poverty and can cope with setbacks.

Cordaid and ICCO also complement each other well thematically. Cordaid focuses on humanitarian aid, working on the resilience of vulnerable communities and strengthening healthcare and education. ICCO focuses mainly on strengthening small and medium-sized farmers in making their agriculture more sustainable, to create jobs and increase food security. Through this integration, the new organization serves the entire spectrum of emergency aid and development cooperation.

Decompilation and defragmentation
An integration of this magnitude has never occurred before in the history of development cooperation in the Netherlands. Cordaid and ICCO used to belong to the ‘Big Four’: four organizations – founded along the lines of pillarization – that received money from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the co-financing program.

“Kees Zevenbergen, CEO of Cordaid: “The new organization is taking a first step in the defragmentation of the Dutch development sector.”

More poverty, less financing
Climate change, inequality, armed conflicts, food shortages and threats to democracy are major challenges today. 1.6 billion people live in the poorest regions in the world. COVID-19 is on top of this: extreme poverty is expected to rise again for the first time in 20 years.

At the same time, we see a global trend to reduce funding for emergency aid and development cooperation. So the challenges are increasing, but the resources are shrinking.

“Kees Zevenbergen: “With this integration, the new organization can work more cost-efficiently and thus achieve more for people living in poverty.”

Both organizations will be safeguarded in the daily management of Cordaid. The management will consist of Kees Zevenbergen (CEO, current CEO of Cordaid), Lorena Paz Quintero (CFO, current CFO of Oxfam Novib) and Sybren Attema (COO, current CEO of ICCO).