CO₂ Correct takes strain out of CO₂ compensation

News – 09 September 2020
Industry veteran launches accessible CO₂ compensation scheme for the fruit and vegetable industry.

The impact of the coronavirus in countries where we work

News – 02 July 2020
Corona cases have been identified in all countries where we work.
Video with story about Mabraat

Meet Mabraat

Project Story – 20 December 2019
"Making my stews is now better and faster."

From 'Sail to the COP' to 'Rail to the COP'

News – 12 December 2019
FairClimateFund is an enthusiastic supporter of "Sail to the COP".

Activities and plans in north east africa

Blog – 01 December 2019
Our director Neera van der Geest and colleague Gert Crielaard went to North East Africa.

Visit to Peru

Blog – 10 September 2019
Our colleague Marcel Spaas has visited our reforestation project in Sierra Piura.

The benefits are greater than expected

Blog – 01 July 2019
Our colleagues are in India and travel to Bagepalli where the partner ADATS campus is located.

Drought during the rainy season in India

Blog – 01 July 2019
Our colleagues Gert Crielaard and Linda Lap recently visited our clean cooking projects in India.

From 30 eurocents to 25 euros: the price of a tonne of CO₂

Blog – 16 May 2019
About emission allowances, certified emission reductions and the offsetting market.

Inspire people with beautiful, unique and sustainable products

Blog – 30 April 2019
Secrid does not have to be the largest, but does want to be the best and most beautiful.

Most responsible supermarket

News – 17 April 2019
PLUS is introducing the very first Fairtrade and climate neutral banana.

Is your website carbon neutral?

Blog – 15 October 2018
More and more companies try to operate energy-neutral. But what about their websites?