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Project Story – 10 April 2018

Rich people use gas for cooking and since I use biogas, I feel rich too. Before, I would leave at 08.00 hours to fetch firewood and I would be back around noon. It took me about 16 hours per week to fetch firewood. I had to carry the whole bundle of wood on my head when I went home, and also because I had to cut the wood into smaller pieces. If I didn't have to fetch wood then I would start cooking at 06.00 hours in the morning and finish around 09.00 o'clock. I can cook faster now, so my kids are on time for school. Also, I can work now. I am very grateful.

In 2012, ADATS and BCS placed a biogas plant at the house of Narsamma. ADATS and BCS are local partners of FairClimateFund in the Chik Ballapur district in India.

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