gold standard conference: grow to zero

News – 29 June 2023

At the beginning of this week, colleagues Neera, Harry and Lisanne visited the Gold Standard conference: Grow to Zero in mid-London during the London Climate Week. Gold Standard is the organisation that certifies our climate projects.

The theme of the conference 'Grow to Zero' touches on the urgency to reduce our impact on the climate.

FairClimateFund colleagues Neera and Harry were part of diverse panels and got the opportunity to share our vision on fair and inclusive carbon markets. The carbon market should benefit people - who are the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change - in a fair and effective way. We do this by using the Fairtrade Climate Standard on top of the Gold Standard which covers topics like credit ownership, a minimum price, local capacity building and a Fairtrade premium.

We were happy to hear that Gold Standard and other attendees, like project developers and financiers, thought it should be mandatory to not overlook the people in the climate projects and that prices of carbon credits should go up to achieve real climate impact. Besides, in the panels, the importance of other SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), next to CO₂ reduction, was addressed.


Later this week, Gold Standard will launch a tool to measure the impact of the SDGs in carbon reduction projects. The SDG impact tool will be a nudge for project developers to integrate more SDGs into their projects, something we applaud.

We would like to thank Gold Standard for the inspiring conference 'Grow to Zero' in London and the opportunity to share our vision on fair and inclusive carbon markets during the panels.

Please reach out to us if you have follow-up questions about the Fairtrade Climate Standard. You can find our position paper here: https://www.fairclimatefund.nl/en/position-paper

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