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In 4 steps to a fair climate

Map your CO₂ footprint and reduce your CO2 emissions with the help of FairClimateFund. You also invest in a better climate and a better life for people who are most vulnerable to the consequences of climate change.


mapping the CO2 footprint

Your CO₂ footprint is determined by various factors: consider electricity consumption, air travel and daily transport. FairClimateFund helps you map your CO₂ footprint via our CO₂ calculator.


reduce CO2 emissions

Sustainable living starts with making more conscious choices in the areas of consumption, housing and transport. You can decide at any time to reduce your CO₂ footprint. Look here for tips!


Generate your own sustainable energy

For the energy you still need, we recommend using sustainable energy as much as possible. Consider electric driving or investing in solar energy or wind energy.


Pricing residual CO2 emissions

You can also take responsibility for the CO₂ emissions that you cannot (yet) reduce. These emissions have major consequences for people in vulnerable areas. Based on your remaining CO2 footprint, you determine how much money you want to invest in fair climate projects.

In our projects we work with Fairtrade principles that help local communities adopt sustainable practices, such as planting trees and using renewable energy. These projects have a positive impact on the environment and the people who live there.

By contributing to climate projects that support mitigation, adaptation, biodiversity and nature conservation, you take responsibility for your remaining emissions and contribute to global climate action.

I invest fair trade...

and contribute to better living conditions for people in developing countries.

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