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Case – 05 August 2018

Climate neutral crossing for 40,000 passengers of shipping company Rederij Doeksen

By means of a surcharge of €0.50, passengers of Rederij Doeksen make their crossing climate neutral. Last summer more than 40,000 passengers from Rederij Doeksen contributed to a better climate and a healthier future for almost 3,000 people in the Chickballapur District in the state of Karnataka in India.

The Chickballapur district in India is one of the most underdeveloped areas in India, where mainly day laborers and small farmers live in poor conditions. The preparation of food in traditional ovens - made of stone and clay and stoked on kerosene and wood - causes a lot of harmful smoke, which women and small children continuously breathe for hours on end. This is the equivalent of smoking two packs of cigarettes a day!

Since 2012 Rederij Doeksen offers passengers the possibility to offset the CO₂ emissions created by their crossing by contributing to climate projects with cleaner cooking methods from FairClimateFund. In addition to this, Rederij Doeksen offsets all journeys of its employees and their family members – totaling about 5,000 trips per year. So far, more than 110,000 households have been trained in more efficient cooking and firing with coal in South Africa. In India, 11,500 families switched to biogas from their own facilities and more than 18,000 families cook on cleaner cookstoves. In Ethiopia more than 1,500 coffee farmers use cleaner cookstoves.

Corporate social responsibility is important for Rederij Doeksen and that is why in recent years they have done a lot of research into green applications in their field. Read more about their sustainable initiatives>

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