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Case – 06 September 2019

Supermarket chain PLUS is a first mover with Fairtrade CO₂ compensation

All 260 supermarkets of PLUS Retail B.V. have been climate neutral since 2016 through the use of electricity from wind, energy reduction measures, and carbon offsetting. As the first in the Netherlands since 2017, PLUS offsets part of their emissions with Fairtrade certified Carbon Credits from the Chulika cookstoves project in India. Foundation Max Havelaar Fairtrade and FairClimateFund are excited that PLUS contributes to climate protection and sustainable development by buying Fairtrade Carbon Credits, the highest standard for carbon offsetting.

PLUS also encourages its entrepreneurs to deal efficiently with energy and, where possible, to generate energy themselves. Several PLUS entrepreneurs have electric delivery vans, economical coolers, and/or solar roof panels. In all PLUS supermarkets coolers are covered and a lot of supermarkets use energy-efficient LED lighting. Energy efficiency has increased by more than 20% in the last decade. The goal is to further improve this percentage over the coming years.

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