co₂ communication

Once you've defined your climate strategy and goals, it's time to get your employees, customers and other partners involved. We help your organization create a transparent and honest story to stakeholders.

Effective communication about your climate strategy leads to a clear focus for employees and other stakeholders. Clear communication also leads to fewer misunderstandings and more job satisfaction, which in turn leads to better results and more investments.

How can we help?

FairClimateFund has over ten years of experience in climate strategies, carbon footprints, carbon reduction and fair compensation projects. With our experience, we can help you substantiate your climate strategy and communicate effectively.

In doing so, we include you in the impact of the steps you take to become CO₂ neutral. We provide you with insight into this impact through various reports. Together we formulate a transparent and honest message that can be used for various means of communication, such as a website, presentation, video or social media.


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