Case – 03 January 2022

Zifera's goal is to make the IT sector sustainable. Zifera provides companies with solutions to improve the climate impact of their websites.

It is expected that the internet will be using 20% of the electricity generated worldwide by 2025. Zifera analyses the customer's website, provides advice for optimisation, and automatically offsets the CO₂-emissions. The only thing the customer has to do is place a code on the website. Via the Zifera dashboard, the customer then sees the analysis of the website and possibilities of optimisation. In addition, the remaining CO₂-emissions of the website are automatically compensated through the cooperation with FairClimateFund. By placing the Zifera badge on their website, customers show that their website is climate neutral.

We are working towards the greatest possible impact. Ease of use and a good entry price are central to this. The more customers we have, the greater the postive impact of Zifera.

Zifera and FairClimateFund
Since CO₂ compensation is the core of Zifera, they looked for a reliable party from whom they could buy carbon credits in a proper way. With FairClimateFund, they have found a partner that has high international standards regarding CO₂ compensation.

We are therefore proud to have found FairClimateFund as our partner.

Zifera's website has been set up as efficiently as possible with minimal data traffic. What is left over in terms of data traffic, they compensate directly at FairClimateFund. And FairClimateFund? We have also used the analysis and advice from Zifera for our website.

Biogas project
Zifera invests in our biogas project in India to offset CO₂-emissions. The biogas project provides households in rural India access to a 100% sustainable and clean way of cooking. Cooking on biogas is better for health, climate and environment and saves households time and money! Zifera therefore contributes to improving the living conditions of households.

For more information: www.zifera.io