Case – 08 September 2019

Sustainable Peeze coffee

Coffee roasting Peeze has launched a unique product in the market with its sustainable Fairtrade coffee. In cooperation with Max Havelaar and FairClimateFund, the coffee chain reduced its total CO₂ emissions to zero, using reduction and compensations. Compensation is done at the source at coffee farmers in Ethiopia via the climate project for cleaner cookstoves from FairClimateFund.

Employees of coffee roasting company Peeze traveled to Ethiopia to visit coffee projects. The blog they kept on during this trip gives a nice picture of the projects and the impact they have on the local coffee farmers and their families. Read their blog in Dutch.

Sustainablecoffee means that the climate effects in the coffee chain from production to distribution are reduced as much as possible, and remaining emissions are offset with Fairtrade Carbon Credits. Do you want to find out more about this project? See our project page.

For more information: www.peeze.nl/en

I compensate Fairtrade...

and contribute to better living conditions for people in developing countries.