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Case – 09 September 2019

Boat trip with carbon offsetting

The daily Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad organizes a 12-day boat trip and offers travelers the opportunity to offset the CO₂ emissions of this trip.

The journey
The ship sails exclusively for NRC and has a sailing route past 4 different countries. Twelve days full of history, art, culture, politics, economy, nature, music and architecture. The newspaper of the day is discussed daily, the news is interpreted and the considerations are shared with fellow travelers on publication. Because intermediate flights and other means of transport are also required for this journey, NRC believes it is important that responsibility is taken for the CO₂ emissions that are released during this journey.


Offsetting the carbon footprint
When booking the trip, travelers can offset their entire trip for € 87 per person. Flying, boat trip, transport during excursions, meals and any extra days in the pre and post program are included.

The carbon offsetting has been achieved through our biogas project in India. In this project, households are making the switch from cooking on an open fire to using biogas.

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