Case – 08 January 2020

Meelunie makes ocean freight sustainable
Meelunie is a worldwide supplier of vegetable ingredients such as starch, proteins and sweeteners. The Meelunie offices are spread over five continents and they export to more than a hundred countries. The greatest negative impact on climate at Meelunie is therefore mainly in transport.

GoodShipping Program
Meelunie attaches great importance to reducing the climate impact as much as possible, which is why Meelunie has joined the GoodShipping Program. Meelunie has formulated the ambition to have a CO2-neutral supply chain. Reducing the CO2 emissions released from sea freight to Asia is an important step in this regard. Some 340 tonnes of CO2 emissions are reduced through the GoodShipping Program.

Carbon offsetting
Meelunie ships around 22,000 containers per year. The CO2 emissions that are released during this process is approximately 2.11MT per 20ft container. That is roughly equivalent to 5,200 gasoline cars driving around the globe. Meelunie is aware of the impact it makes on the climate and takes responsibility for this with the help of the GoodShipping Program. In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, Meelunie is investing in our cookstove project in India to compensate for the remaining CO2 emissions. Meelunie thereby contributes to improving the living conditions of around 18,000 households.

More information: Meelunie.com