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Case – 07 June 2021

Together with FairClimateFund, CO2 Correct provides accessible CO2 compensation for the fruit and vegetable sector. Corporate social responsibility comes naturally to CO2 Correct founder Stephan Schneider. Partly for this reason, the partnership with FairClimateFund was established. The Fairtrade projects of FairClimateFund do more for people and nature. That is why this partnership is a logical combination for CO2 Correct.

CO2 Correct makes sustainability accessible for the fruit and vegetable sector
Many organizations in the fruit and vegetable sector would like to focus more on sustainability but often discover that finding the right insights is a costly and challenging road.

Moreover, the fruit and vegetable sector is under heavy pressure when it comes to the discussion about the unnecessary use of plastic. As a result, choices are made by switching to unnecessary alternative packaging that is often not better for the environment. CO2 Correct wants to clarify that a product can be sold 'CO2 Correct' in the store for a fraction of these costs.

CO2 Correct has devised a unique approach for this by giving companies quick insight into the CO2 footprint of the products within their range. From this CO2 correct starting point, CO2 Correct guides members to feasible but practical sustainability steps. In addition, CO2 Correct motivates companies to compensate for carbon emissions. This grants affiliated companies a significant first step towards a sustainable future.

CO2 Correct & FairClimateFund
In its search for a reliable partner for CO2 compensation, CO2 Correct got into contact with FairClimateFund. The companies collective vision that sustainability goes hand-in-hand with a fair message to consumers was very appealing to CO2 Correct. CO2 Correct is grateful for the engagement and advice of FairClimateFund in the development of this new initiative.

Clean cooking on biogas
The first project that CO2 Correct supports is the biogas project of FairClimateFund in India. The project for farmers' families in India fits in perfectly with the members of CO2 Correct, who also import fruit from these regions themselves. The ultimate goal for CO2 Correct is to develop, together with FairClimateFund, similar projects in the world where many fruit and vegetables are grown. So that the member of CO2 correct can compensate their impact at the place where their products come from.

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‘We look forword to a fruitiful collaboration with FairClimateFund’ - Stephan Schneider