our history

FairClimateFund is a social enterprise that started in 2009 and is part of the ICCO Group of which the ICCO Cooperation is the shareholder. The ICCO foundation, founded in 1964, is the only member of the cooperative. The Executive Board of the ICCO Group is supervised by an independent Supervisory Board. Read here more information.

In 2009, FairClimateFund launched its projects "clean cooking with biogas" in India and "Basa Magogo cooking technique" in South Africa. Together with local partner Samuha, FairClimateFund has been providing households in India with cleaner cookstoves since 2011. And in 2016, cleaner cookstoves are being distributed in Ethiopia together with OCFCU. Since 2017, FairClimateFund has launched Fairtrade certified carbon credits on the market.


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